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Nov 2020

Advertising – placement of ads by other companies will help you cover the expenses and generate revenue. As a part of this strategy, you can include ads blocking option at an additional cost. Pay-per-view – with this monetization strategy, users pay per each view, e.g., a movie, a series, etc. Competing with them is extremely hard to impossible for small startups. Chats – Adding a chat function helps the streamer to communicate with the audience in real-time. A minimalist approach often works better than a cluttered interface.

The resulting JSON response is an array of strings of the names of the videos we saved. For each of these strings, we make li elements containing links to the current page. Notice here that we have a data field of the type byte array, annotated with @Lob. This is how Hibernate will map the video byte data to a form readable using Java code. To do this, the browser will use a range header to tell our server what parts of the video to retrieve. Luckily, with an HTML video element, our browser will handle this automatically.


A live chat can turn good old movie watching into a social experience, allowing users to share their sentiments. If you think of it, any telemedicine solution that allows having video calls between doctors and patients, in effect, relies on live video feed technologies. It’s still packets of video data traveling between patients and doctors, often routed via a server to store recordings of calls. Offering full range of IT services that make things better for enterprise and business we work with. Also Leverage plethora of possibilities and explore your ROI skyrocket with our software development team with high caliber and experience. Belitsoft has been the driving force behind several of our software development projects within the last few years.

Plus, you can use comments to tune your machine learning recommendation algorithm, which we’ll talk about in a bit. Obviously, the more features your how to create a streaming website application has, the more it will cost. When you make your first specifications, it is interesting to integrate only the essential functionalities.

A larger port means your server will support higher quality and more simultaneous viewers. Here, we add an event listener that will be invoked when we submit our form. We first need to prevent the default submission behavior to ensure our planned activity works. The unordered list with id your-videos is left blank since we will be populating it dynamically using JavaScript. As for the lower-level details, we’ll have to consider what database to use and how we’ll read the range header to send the requested parts of a video. Finally, our frontend will send a request to the backend to retrieve the desired video based on the query parameter.

It is clear that video streaming technology has several benefits that can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses. As technology continues to improve, so too will the quality and efficiency of streaming services. This means that more and more people will be able to take advantage of the benefits video streaming has to offer. Video Streaming is one of the most popular online video platforms in the world. You might want to record live streams for people to watch later.

5 min Camera recordingRecord directly from your device camera and schedule the video for live streaming later. At VdoCipher we maintain the strongest content protection for videos. We also work extremely hard to deliver the best viewer experience.

The total number of hours people watched live streaming content across all streaming platforms as of Q was 8.99 billion. As the name implies, live-streaming apps are apps that allow users to record and broadcast video simultaneously. Such apps have grown in numbers in recent years, thanks to high-speed internet and advanced camera technologies. OneStream mobile apps available for pre-recorded and real-time live streaming. Mux is an API-based video streaming service that handles the encoding and decoding of a video, distributing it to users.

That information helps you define the price for ad placements and guide your product development overall. It’s a much safer bet to pick an existing service and build a streaming app on top of it. There are literally hundreds of commercial and open-source streaming engines out there. Therefore, your CTO or development partner will need to do the heavy lifting to choose the most suitable option. The chances are you don’t plan to spend a multi-million dollar budget building a scalable video hosting and broadcasting infrastructure.

Approximately 34% of Generation Z have shown an interest in live streams, especially on social platforms. Facebook Live is no stranger among social media apps users, while Twitch is a well-known platform for gamers to broadcast their gaming sessions. Meanwhile, Douyu is the Chinese alternative version of Twitch, which boasts a higher number of active users. With powerful scheduling & multistreaming features, it is designed to cater businesses involved in marketing & live streaming. It allows businesses to upload, share, track and analyze videos. The video hosting platform also provides tools for adding lead capture forms and integrating videos with email marketing software.

Check out 6 key steps on how to create a live streaming app. Considering that the live streaming market is to reach $224 billion by 2028., it is only natural that you’ll want a piece of the lucrative industry. However, building a live video streaming app isn’t easy, and it requires meticulous planning. So the average cost of building a live video streaming app is from $26K to $48K.

How Much Cost To Develop A Video Streaming Application Like Netflix

We will also discuss what our client and server are doing behind the scenes to make this possible. Finally, as a bonus, we will see how we can write automated tests for our backend. Every user interaction can be automatically analyzed and taken into account to create a virtual map of their preferences. Create your own agile squad with experienced member just like your own local team. One of our internal engineers has commented about how clean their code is.

creating a video streaming website

Most of us carry smartphones in our pockets, and that can be an easy entry into the world of streaming. For example, product demonstrations, launches, and how-to videos, coupled with time-limited coupon codes, are great for increasing sales. Q&A videos are good for boosting engagement, increasing your reach, and improving your brand recognition. Reach a wider audience by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

How Does Twitch Make Money?

Belitsoft has successfully developed a live video streaming application for our Client who owns a video surveillance system company. The app allows multiple users to connect to the cameras and get the real-time image on their devices. The functionality of the app also includes viewing of the videos recorded earlier.

  • Therefore, your CTO or development partner will need to do the heavy lifting to choose the most suitable option.
  • We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner.
  • Video players continually download small chunks of video in the appropriate format to provide an uninterrupted watching experience to users.
  • Video content takes up a lot of space, making it an expensive endeavor for most hosting options.
  • Facebook Live is no stranger among social media apps users, while Twitch is a well-known platform for gamers to broadcast their gaming sessions.

On top of that, it also provides a lot of additional features, like subtitles, thumbnails, GIFs, watermarking, etc. It has a data tracking API, which helps to monitor the video streaming performance as well. Netflix is an OTT platform that allows users to access films, television shows, documentaries, and other streaming media. Through this video streaming site, the user can watch films or TV shows at any time on their computer or mobile phone through their account. An ideal and quite frequent scenario is utilizing mobile-optimized SDKs to build mobile apps and APIs for everything else.

User Registration

Belitsoft seems to know what they’re doing, which I appreciate. However, most apps like Hulu still offer some free trial period. Users should have a chance to search for preferred content with filters for a genre, actors, user ratings and comments, ownership, movie or TV show, etc. We have also talked about the bestAndroid and iOS designpractices, as each platform has a set of defined rules to reckon with. We’ve touched them upon in our previous articles, where we’ve described how to develop a smart home app and a language learning app.

creating a video streaming website

Some vloggers, or video bloggers, have built careers out of this platform. Dailymotion is a video streaming platform that was founded in 2005. Moreover, video content providers can make video money with this free video streaming site. As of January 2018, 85% of U.S. internet users watch online video. As time goes by, more and more of your users will expect your website to provide streaming video alongside text content. For this guide, our application will only implement video file uploads and video streaming capabilities.

What You Need For A Streaming Server

We have received your inquiry and get back to you within next 24 hours to discuss your requirement in detail. If you are looking for a true partnership Belitsoft company might be the best choice for you. They have proven to be most reliable, polite and professional.

Once the content reaches the server, the upload speed of your connection stops being important, and the viewers’ download speed starts determining the quality of the video. The recording hardware captures the content, but it’s the encoding software that packs it into a format suitable for streaming. You can also use encoding hardware and avoid having to use a computer, but encoding hardware can be prohibitively expensive. Streamers, vloggers, and video content creators tend to rely on software encoding. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch – any of these options are less expensive and demanding than hosting your own live stream video.

That will have a chance for success, one of the most important parts is finding a company that will help with the development process. After you have decided on key activities, you can create a business model canvas to structure the USP of your product. Recommendations – Show related content to the users based on their preferences and viewing history. Subscriptions – Introduce various types of subscriptions and allow users to manage them easily from the app.

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The cost of building a live streaming app or MVP depends on the scope of work, the number of hours involved, and design complexity. We’ve covered the best video streaming, movie streaming, live streaming, streaming service providers to help you decide which one is right for your needs. The best streaming websites for you depends on the requirements of Individuals or Businesses. We recommend trying a free trial or demo before committing any time and money.

The second occurrence will lead to 61 % stop watching, while rebuffering for the third time means 84.7 % of the audience is lost. Content creators with hustle know that moving from platform to platform to win the next viewer is just part of the game. As content creation evolves, the most popular platform is never on top for too long.

This delay may cause viewers to miss out on what they were trying to see. The platform can be used to build a community around a game or activity, and it can also be used to generate income through advertising or by selling products or services. In the free plan users are limited to 96 video uploads per day, capped at a total of 2 hours of video per day. MANAGED DEDICATED SERVERSFree up your time and focus on your business.


An MVP is a lightweight version of the app that only contains the essential features needed to function. It’s simple and allows you to get feedback from users with ease. The best video streaming services give users complete freedom to choose what they want to watch online. You can watch video content on a few of these free video streaming sites, which is a major plus. Moreover, you can watch video content on any device that you choose, including your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The video selection does not only consist of family-friendly videos but also video game footage and video blogs. We recently did a blog on websites like Youtube, feel free to check it out. A streaming server delivers video content to your site’s visitors by sending a continuous “stream” of information. This is in contrast to a typical web page that has a fixed amount of information to be delivered. In this guide, we will cover how we can build a video streaming functionality using a simple Spring Boot application and a Javascript frontend.