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Mar 2021

You only utilize the default gateway address when attempting to connect to a computer on a different network. You will notice an error if you attempt to connect to other networks without it. Joking aside, these answers are extremely informative, thank you. help desk engineer Solving problem face to face is different than handling them on phone. Answer to this question will judge your level of patience, they want to check how positively you can take your criticism and how you deal with them without losing your temper.

help desk support engineer interview questions and answers

Active directory authorizes and authenticates all users and computers in a window domain network, ensuring the security of the computer and software. Through active directory various functions can be managed like creating admin users, connecting to printers or external hard drives. Glassdoor has 46 interview questions and reports from Technical support engineer interviews. This is one of the most common interview questions and the very first question asked in any job interview. Though it may be usual, it is important to answer the question carefully. Remember to maintain the answer for a minute or two and not more than that.

Desktop Support Technician Interview Questions

For unattractive aspect mention a single but minor unattractive aspect of the position which not consider much. The topics to be covered in this question are education, early years, recent career experience and work history. This is a warm-up question and does not waste your best points on it. Project Practical is a management and career blog that was created by business professionals. Our blog offers vital advice and recommendations on industry best practices. The interviewer wants to understand your experience with the latest technological trends.

  • Manuals, Knowledge, team members, and experience are some crucial things that would be helpful to troubleshoot the problem and solving them.
  • Bad hardware is the most typical cause of BSOD; the issue displays as a blue screen that crashes the computer.
  • No, it is not necessary to upgrade your Windows 7 operating system to Windows 10 if you prefer to keep using your current Windows version.
  • If you’re getting ready to interview for a position as an IT support technician, you can prepare by researching the company as much as possible.
  • A forest is a collection of trees that share a common structure but not a shared name space .
  • Before your interview, make a list of reasons why you are qualified for this position.

Your answer must be sincere and honest, and you have a great understanding of this job profile and its purpose. It contains several services that run on Windows Server and manage permissions and access to networked resources.

Which are the essential things in identifying the problems and solving them in tech support?

This will also give you an upper hand as compared to candidates who have missed out on that part. Remember to answer this question by researching the systems the organization is using. Try to get familiar with the system the organization makes use of. This also mentions other systems that you have worked and have experience with. The answer determines if you’re a person who looks for challenges and if you a perfect fit for the position. You can answer that you would make use of your skills and experience in the right manner in case you hired. Also, assure that you can obtain results with your interest and skills you possess and you would be considered a valuable employee.

help desk support engineer interview questions and answers

If you’re interviewing for a service desk engineer job, you can expect to be asked a variety of questions about your experience, skills, and knowledge. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of questions and answers that you can use to help you prepare for your interview. My second job involved detection of credit card frauds.

Why did you want a career in desktop support?

The main aspect of asking this question is to know if the candidate makes mistakes and learns from it without repeating. Remember to list down all the steps for solving in the right order and also answer that each organization has its own set of procedures. To ensure if the internet is working, data light utilized. Connectivity light ensures if the modem linked to the computer. These are the lights present in the modem and their functions. Researching the company before going for an interview is important. This shows how much interest the candidate has on the company.

What is the toughest question ever asked in an interview?

1. What is your greatest weakness? Strengths-and-weaknesses interview questions are a given.

The first thing a help desk person must do is to try understanding the customer, also try to avoid the conflicts or any such things that disturbs the customer. Then you can confront with each other and try to solve the problem.