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Sep 2020

” is a question that keeps repeating in almost all FAQs concerning new product development. Even though the answer is simple, it’s far from being easy to implement. The idea is only the beginning of an exciting and demanding journey full of twists and turns. The good news is that the development of a software product entails teamwork. And there are plenty of ways to find the team that makes software development a piece of cake instead of a bed of nails.

To be specific, dedicated team is an outsourcing business model that involves hiring a complete team from another company to help with tasks/projects. This team is temporary in nature, and only works on your tasks for as long as needed. However, their time and work are dedicated exclusively to your projects, so it is like quickly gaining a whole bunch of workers, and being able to add/remove them at your convenience. When choosing a dedicated team, all processes are under your control.

This is not the case when a Western Europe-based project is outsourced to Eastern Europe. But different time zones may be a challenge when American or Australian tasks are outsourced to Europe. However, an experienced, dedicated team provider will help you organize workflow so that it will be convenient for both parties. For example, you may plan your development sprints so that the team finishes the sprint when you are ready to check the result.

  • For instance, if you are an early-stage startup, you will benefit immensely from a dedicated team.
  • Explore the must-have functionality to improve an existing LMS, build an MVP, or kick start a full-featured platform.
  • It includes monthly payments that cover salaries for members, the fee of the vendor as well as administrative overhead.
  • Typically, the hiring process included several rounds of interviews.
  • You have full control over the team, you define their duties, deadlines, responsibilities, and working schedule.

While you manage them directly, you would know that it involves tons of daily and effective communication. When the intermediaries are eliminated in the working process, you are less likely to miss something. Many businesses make hiring mistakes that you should not make and rather learn from them when hiring dedicated team. At times, you are required to put in more functionality to the project. Consequently, you realize that a mobile app can perfectly complement the solution you are developing.

If you’re on a budget, you have to decide whether you’ll cut the expenses by reducing the number of features or hiring fewer developers. A dedicated team model can help you keep the balance due to the lower price. Thus, you get a project that meets initial requirements without cutting corners on the features.

Team Management

The product owner will only have an information about the project condition. The dedicated team model is excellent when you have complicated long-term projects that can expand even more in the future. Note that when your idea lacks the product-market fit and requires a discovery stage, it is a win-win when you own a dedicated team of developers. In contrast, the dedicated team model is a viable solution because the team is already built and has expertise in certain technologies that are required for your project.

It’s crucial to remember that software development revolves around teamwork. That’s why you have to make sure that nothing holds you or your managers from communication with a remote team. A dedicated team structure is a structure in which the project is outsourced to remote developers. This remote team of highly skilled professionals is specialized and contains developers, a quality assurance team, and a remote project manager.

Storming causes stress and uncertainty, and a lot of teams fall apart if they can’t handle properly the challenges mentioned above. Frontend developers to bring life and logic to the visual side of the application. Tell us more about your business needs to help us serve you better.

All these changes can be done painlessly when you’re working with a dedicated team. But if your budget is fixed, you can forget about this sort of flexibility. For example, Flightright is one of our ongoing projects that work within a dedicated software development model.

When Does Cooperation With A Dedicated Team Really Start?

Security continues to be a sensitive area with project-based outsourcing. You have no control over how the GBS agency will handle the proprietary company data you have to share with them. You have no control over the day-to-day functioning of the team in project-based outsourcing. You may never know of any delay in the project execution until it is too late. This is an efficient solution model for complex business needs as a readymade team of professionals becomes quickly accessible. Pretty much everything you need to know about the DTM approach to outsourcing.

Although there are plenty of advantages favoring this model, the DTM is not a panacea for all development projects. If you want to complete a long-term project with straightforward requirements and on time, then entrusting it to a dedicated team is the right thing. A dedicated team model is a way of collaborating with a remote development team. The vendor forms this team according to your requirements and your project’s needs. Although the team is located in a remote office and the vendor covers all of its administrative and operational issues, you manage it as if the team members were your own employees.

We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software. They may be working two time zones away from you, but your dedicated team members are now a part of your company. So, make sure to explain your strategy and vision, your goals and competitors, your market and users, your strengths and weaknesses to them. Learning the business context before getting to development guarantees that the new tech pros you’ve hired will work smarter and always keep an eye on your company’s goal. We’ve already mentioned that the dedicated team model is flexible.

Cultural Fit And Time

Assigning experts to your project with a DT model is usually much faster than finding and recruiting the candidates yourself, but it is hardly instantaneous. Several key stages in the process should be completed before everything is up and running. A vendor assesses the client’s needs – a good vendor can start working on a project having at least some idea of what the product has to look like.

A vendor gathers a team – with a decent talent pool, a vendor can pull together a team of top experts who match your project’s specs. As our experience suggests, it is possible to gather a large team of developers in less than four weeks. The good news is that there are companies who can actually give you a full scope of services starting from IT consulting and ending with helping you gather a dedicated team for the project.

What is a Dedicated Team

The two price-determining factors for applications are the cost of labor and the material cost . According to this article, the cost of developing an application in the UK is $100-$120. Thus, outsourcing might be budget-friendly if you’re outsourcing to a country with a much cheaper rate.

As a result, you get a remote, ready-to-work group of specialists who function just like your in-house department but you won’t waste time on administrative work. Any cooperation is built on trust, but it’s more important for a dedicated team than with other cooperation models. With a fixed-price model, you give the team detailed and straightforward instructions. How much do you need to trust a baker if you provide them with a list of the ingredients you want, the color, and the date when the cake needs to be ready? The time & material model requires you to trust the team more, but you can stop the cooperation the moment you start feeling that what you and the team don’t get along. But employing a dedicated team is a commitment you invest your time and effort in, and you can’t have a committed relationship without trust.

How To Manage A Dedicated Team

One of the most significant benefits of the dedicated team model is that they are entirely committed to your cause and effectively function as an extension of your firm. A dedicated professional becomes absorbed in your organization’s culture, norms, beliefs, and goals. Learn the highlights of what a dedicated development team is and when you should think about hiring one. DevOps engineer This type of software engineer build, test, and maintain the infrastructure and tools needed for rapid software development and launch. Now that you understand how to onboard team members on to your startup, let’s discuss the advantages of this method. Business analyst The task of a business analyst on a dedicated team is to create requirements for a future solution.

What is a Dedicated Team

There сan also be arranged business trips to the client’s state or vice versa as required. All working processes of a team can be managed by a client or by a project manager from the vendor’s side that is negotiated individually. The practice of utilizing dedicated team models is widely used in cooperation with offshore development partners. For the last five years, Axon has built many dedicated teams for global businesses and we would like to share our experience with you.

Flexible Scope At Considerable Cost

Regardless of whether you are a long-standing business or a startup, you will inevitably launch new projects to achieve new objectives or overcome challenges. You pay salaries of team members and a company fee during the entire contract. One of the dedicated team’s advantages is speed, but it still takes time to gather Dedicated Development Team developers for a project. Team assembling, establishing communication, getting used to new tools, and workflow can be too long for a short project. In case you’re hiring a dedicated team for a side project or to take the load off your core team, you can entrust the project to the project manager from your office.

Dedicated Development Rates Across The Globe Vs Bacancy

After you have decided on the team’s composition, the vendor will select candidates for each position and provide a shortlist. Your task is to conduct interviews and choose who you want on your team. As masters of adaptability, the dedicated team quickly understands your company culture and internal processes.

We agree on all relevant conditions, such as the engagement model, part-time/full-time work, prices, and termination clauses. We take care of all administration related to your dedicated team such as salary packages, bookkeeping, sick leaves, days off, vacations, and legal documentation. Moreover, we offer standard technical infrastructure, provide training programs and ensure your team members have the environment in which they can grow professionally. Are responsible for analyzing, advising, and maintaining the proper IT components to ensure the right development process and meet specific clients’ requirements. Once your requirements are carefully considered, it’s time to form a team that perfectly fits your project and business goals. Start with a clear definition of your business goals and the problems you need to solve with technology.

Communication is one of the crucial aspects of the web development process. Otherwise, the client may be in for some unpleasant surprises when the work is done, but not necessarily through the vendor’s fault. The word ‘dedicated’ means that the team will be completely committed to your project, satisfying all your requirements and fulfilling all your requests. That guarantees stability and the high quality of the end result.

In this article, I will explain how this model works, what businesses can benefit from it and I’ll also define the pros and cons. After reading this comprehensive guide, you will be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this partnership and decide if it works for you. Unlike in other models, the cooperation with a dedicated team starts long before the first line of code. In fact, the process of discussing the project focuses on the problem your product is going to solve, on possible technical choices, as well as the scope details. A discussion about a product does not boil down only to the particular skills of a specific developer. If you decide on a dedicated team model, you can expect that the software developers you work with will focus on one project at a time – your project.


To sustain a high level of employee motivation and retention, each team member will have regular face-to-face meetings with an HR manager. An attractive hourly rate doesn’t always reflect the quality of software development services. Conduct detailed research of software vendors and make inquiries about each company with the help of services we’ve advised. Thorough preparation will save your money and get you an outstanding dedicated team.

If communication about this aspect won’t be handled with care, the performance will drop in both teams. To be very precise, the dedicated team model is perfect for long-term projects that have a chance to expand in the long run. Hence, to reveal the potential of your project, you require a robust team of developers that supports you throughout.