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Nov 2020

Once the software gets ready, it is first tested before deployment is done. As a Professional Scrum Trainer with, Jesse teaches almost the full spectrum of Scrum courses, including Scrum Master, Product Owner and the Development teams in both one-team and multi-team setups. Before you attend an in person class, it can be useful to familiarize yourself with the Scrum methodology. The Scrum Foundations is a free short video course designed by Mike Cohn.

By the end of the course, you’ll understand the foundations of scrum and be ready to take the exam, and enjoy the benefits and expanded career opportunities opened by certification. With this live, online training program, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in an agile environment. This is another best-selling Udemy course for scrum master certification preparation in 2021. It is ideal for those individuals who want to deep dive into scrum master certification preparation.

The course then explores related practices and skills to enable you to have the right types of conversations and how to apply them to become better Scrum Masters. PSM1 can be really beneficial for you in the long run and could accelerate your career to a new level. We hope that by following these tips help you to pass the exam and do not beat yourself up if you need more than one attempt to pass the exam. The PSM1 exam is taken online and you only have 60 minutes to attempt 80 questions.

Certified Scrum Trainer®

Although Scrum training is required in order to take the CSM exam, there are no prerequisites to take the PSM certification exam. Agile and SAFe Scrum certification prerequisites can be found in the reviews of the Project Management Institute and Scaled Agile. CSM and PSM certifications differ in their focus on how certification is delivered. However, both focus on having a Scrum Master prove their knowledge and mastery of Scrum principles and practical applications through a rigorous exam.

Remember exams like the PSM1 and CSM exam are not easy to pass. With over one thousand seventy-six thousand students enrolled, this online Scrum certification course is the most popular as well as a best-seller scrum master course at Udemy. The list also includes a couple of practice tests to build the speed and accuracy required to crack the PSM certification exam in the very first attempt. That’s why it’s very important to deal with every aspect of projects from beginning to ending carefully.

Professional Scrum Master

If you pass the PSM II assessment you will receive the industry-recognized “PSM II” certification, along with a PSM II logo that you can use to identify your achievement. Many questions ask you to think about or interpret the meaning from theScrum Guide, apply content from the PSM II subject areas, as well as application of your own experience. To be effective, Scrum Masters need to have a rock-solid understanding of the practices and values of Scrum. The Professional Scrum MasterTM assessments allow people to validate and certify their understanding of those practices and values, and how they would respond to situations that challenge them. People who have passed PSM I, achieving certification, demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery. PSM I certificate holders prove that they understand Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide and how to apply Scrum in Scrum Teams.

Certified Scrum Professional® Product Owner

After the course participants have the opportunity to have their newly acquired knowledge tested with the Professional Scrum Master I Assessment. The exam is demanding and requires a sound knowledge of Scrum. The certification exam is an online test in English language and takes 60 minutes. Further information on PSM I certification can be found on website. Scrum masters are the facilitators of project timelines and sprints.

Professional Scrum Master

Please contact us at or 844.BE.AGILE so we can discuss your needs. Check out our webinar events for a variety of topic presentations from Improvers who love to share their knowledge. We can offer private training or even schedule another public class. Learn how to monitor AWS EKS resources through tools such as CloudWatch and Prometheus, as well as worker node and infrastructure… A certified Scrum Master with an additional SAFe certification is going to know how to bring Scrum, Agile and the DevOps toolchain together.

Scrum Framework with a focus on the role of Scrum Master and how Scrum can help manage changing priorities, increase productivity and accelerate product delivery. In addition, you’ll be provided techniques and tools to facilitate behavioral change and cultivate servant leadership. A great Scrum Master needs more than just an in-depth understanding of The Scrum Guide. Scrum Masters must also use standard industry tools that will communicate team progress to Scrum developers, product owners and other stakeholders. The How to Become a Professional Scrum Master I certification is the first of three credentials offered by to certify your skills and knowledge with Scrum. The exam covers several focus areas outlined in the Professional Scrum Competencies and you’ll be asked how to interpret meaning from the Scrum Guide and how you would apply Scrum within a Scrum team.

Best For Safe Scrum Master Certification

In the world of Project Management, Agile stands out as one of the best methodologies for rapid and iterative delivery of outcomes, especially for software products. This is one of the best practice tests for Professional Scrum Master Certification in 2021. This contains more than one hundred and twenty questions divided into six different sections. If you are going for certification, then it is an excellent place to test your knowledge. It is an intermediate-level course with total video content of three hours.

Courses start at $1,995 including the exam fees and take place online over two or three days. Students who successfully complete the course and pass the exam will earn their Registered Scrum Master credential signed by Jeff Sutherland. Professional Scrum Master II course is a two-day advanced Scrum Master course designed to support Scrum Masters in their professional development. The PSM II course is intended for Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as a Scrum Master. The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master II certification exam. This two-day training will prepare you for new career opportunities.

It helps you lead a team, understand your roles as a Scrum Master, settle conflicts, and increase the efficiency of scrum. Professional Scrum Masters demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Scrum and their ability to apply it in real-world situations. The value of certification is intimately tied to the demonstration of knowledge needed to achieve it. By that measure, the PSM assessments are significantly more valuable than available alternatives for Scrum. And, we strive to ensure that they remain valuable and relevant through frequent inspection and adaptation of the assessment content.

Exam & Certification

To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners. Many job postings include Scrum Master language and skills in them, so you can definitely stand out on your resume with a Scrum Master certification. They’re about as difficult as any course that requires a lot of new information.

  • They do this by helping everyone understand Scrum theory and practice, both within the Scrum Team and the organization.
  • During the two-day course you’ll experience a mix of class lectures, discussions and breakout exercises in groups.
  • Questions will be selected at random from the Focus Areas listed.
  • These courses are selected from reputed educational websites such as Udemy, Pluralsight, GreyCampus, and Edureka.
  • also has a Scaled Professional Scrum Master certification that costs $250 to take, rather than spend $3,000 on a course that might be unnecessary.

Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. Introducing sprints and scrums to your high-priority projects could have great outcomes for your company. As the leader of these initiatives with a Scrum Master certification, it would be a huge advancement for your career.

Advanced Certified Scrummaster A

After passing the exam, it is recommended to look for advanced level PSM certifications to aid you in handling complex situations that come along with Scrum management. PSM II enhances your knowledge on real-world complicated problems and PSM III can help experienced Scrum Masters to handle complex teams and organizations effectively. This is one of the most popular courses at Pluralsight for scrum master certification preparation. If you don’t know, Pluralsight is another popular online learning platform that has tech courses from experts and community leaders.

While not required, it’s recommended to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner course before attempting the exam, unless you already have sufficient knowledge to pass the exam. The two-day course covers everything you need to know about the product owner role through hands-on instruction and team-based exercises. The course covers topics such as agile product management, value-driven development, Scrum principles, and release management. If you want to become a certified scrum master with the skills to help leading companies succeed with Agile and scrum, the SAFe Scrum Master course is for you.

Individuals are required to get recertified every two years with a $100 recertification fee. In addition to the fee, Scrum Alliance requires 20 SEUs for CSM recertification. PMI-ACP certification is popular among Scrum Masters and employers since it covers several Agile and Scrum practices and principles. All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master II course receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum Master II assessment and are also entitled to a 40% discount on the PSM III assessment. These industry-recognized PSM certifications require a minimum passing score.

What Professional Scrum Master Students Say

People who have passed PSM II, achieving certification, demonstrate an advanced level of Scrum mastery. PSM II certificate holders prove that they have an understanding of the underlying principles of Scrum and can effectively apply Scrum in complex, real-world situations. Scrum masters use time-management software to plan meetings and schedules. They often communicate and manage projects through online platforms.

The Professional Scrum Master course is for anyone involved in Agile software delivery using Scrum. It will be particularly valuable to those who are responsible for effectively applying Scrum. This course is also ideal for anyone looking to prepare for the Scrum Master certification assessment from The PSM class introduces the principles and empirical process theory underpinning the Scrum framework.

Professional Scrum Master

They also remove obstacles that could prevent their team from working. A scrum master helps manage information exchange among team members, but is not the leader of the team. Instead, they facilitate exchanges and interactions with the team. Scrum masters build consensus on next steps, keep everyone on task following agreed-upon rules, and do everything they can to maximize the team’s performance.

It is not mandatory that you take a Professional Scrum training class to take one of our assessments, although it is highly recommended. We believe that certification is more than just a way to show that you attended a class and that is why Professional certifications are so highly regarded in the industry. Therefore, we make assessments available to anyone as a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the role of Scrum Master in detail. Each training class includes a free attempt at the corresponding assessment.

It is essential to be as familiarized as possible with these concepts as time is limited and many candidates end up leaving some questions unanswered. Here are some tips that would make it easier for you to better understand Scrum and pass the PSM exam. Be ready to study and take multiple attempts of the online preparation tests. A pragmatic agile coach with 20+ years of learning, he now trains, consults and coaches organizations to be agile and more importantly to stay agile. This PSM course aims to help participants fully understand scrum and how it works. This course will help participants cultivate a profound understanding of servant leadership, through which they can act as a Scrum Master.

She began her professional career at Vocus Media Research Group where she established the quality assurance role of Database Editor. She is currently an Analyst at Kinetiq, a media intelligence platform. Families as a manager at College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors. Rimini Street hires only the best – and provides the compensation, bonus and benefit programs appropriate for proven top-performing professionals.

The cost of PSM I is $150 USD if taken on its own, one attempt is included for free with course tuition. We provide innovative products and services and strive to stay a step ahead of our customer needs. The PSM I exam is included in the price of the training, so is all literature and a nice lunch.

The official test uses the same platform as this one, so it’s worth getting familiar with the platform. About 10% of the test questions are identical to this assessment. Julia is a writer in New York and started covering tech and business during the pandemic. Forbes Advisor adheres to strict editorial integrity standards.